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140 servings | 280gm | 9.88oz

Rose Moscato - Loose Leaf - Subscription

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Featuring Schisandra Berries

Subtle and sophisticated.

A delightfully pink liquor rich in balancing adaptogenic schisandra berries.

Enjoy the playful interaction between rose and hibiscus as the subtle flavours develop in your mouth.


Wulu green tea, schisandra berries, hibiscus, and rose petals


Rose Moscato is an original recipe created by Tielka. It is lovingly blended and packaged in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.

The main ingredient, Tielka's Wulu green tea is grown and harvested in the high elevations of the Hubei Province's stunning mountains during April-June.


Tielka tea is Fairtrade and organic certified

Fairtrade certified and sourced from Fairtrade producers.
Total: 60%. FLO ID 23557

Australian Certified Organic. ACO Cert. No. 13123

EU Organic Certified. AU-BIO-001


3 minutes at 70°C (158°F)

Health Benefits

Reduces and maintains healthy blood pressure, promotes strong healthy bones, prevents and counteracts cancer, prevents and counteracts cardiovascular disease, lowers cholesterol, relieves constipation, detox, prevents and manages diabetes, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, reduces PMS symptoms, improves skin firmness, and elasticity, promotes clear skin, reduces plaque formation, cavities, tooth decay, increases physical endurance, increases metabolism.

Wellbeing Benefits

Improves alertness/concentration and brain function, relieves anxiety and depression, aphrodisiac, increases energy levels, improves memory, enhances mood and sense of wellbeing, increases stress resistance.


Tielka wins gold for Rose Moscato Green TeaTielka wins gold for Rose Moscato Green Tea

2019 Gold | Green Tea: Tea Bag Blend - Flavoured

2018 Gold | Green Tea: Tea Bag Blend - Flavoured

Notes from the Founder

My original intention with this tea was to create a fruity green tea, the richly sweet crowd-pleasing type that kids could drink and think it was hot cordial, however, the end result quickly became something far more subtle, elegant and unexpected.

While experimenting with the ingredients, the first thing that struck me was the colour, this gorgeous sunset pink, the kind you'd love to dress your flower-girl in on your wedding day, and although it was edging on midnight, I couldn't help but let out an audible gasp of delight and a conclusive moment of satisfaction. If nothing else, the colour was delightful - thankfully, on tasting this new concoction, I was intrigued by the lightness and the way the green tea seemed to humbly take backstage to some of the other sweet, briefly tart floral flavours.

The third brew was what really caught my attention - a bright, tart explosion filled my mouth as I realised it had taken until then for the inherent flavours of the schisandra berries to finally fully reveal themselves - never discard this brew prematurely, you'll miss out on the best bit!

Happy brewing!

Rebecca Domorev