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Tea Infuser–Strainer

Tielka Tea Infuser Tea StrainerTielka Tea Infuser Tea Strainer with arms foldedTielka Tea Infuser Tea Strainer on lidTielka Tea Infuser Tea Strainer in mugTielka Tea Infuser Tea Strainer in teapotTielka Tea Infuser Tea Strainer in teapot with lid
"One of my favourite things is the foldable handles." The Cup of Life.
Beautiful, versatile, easy-to-use.
The perfect gift for a tea-lover.


Tea Infuser Benefits

  • Super-versatile - use in almost all types of teaware
  • The lid doubles as a coaster for the infuser basket which catches pesky drips
  • The silicon rim on the lid stays cool-to-touch and is easy to remove
  • Stainless steel super-fine mesh stops tiny tea particles from passing through
  • Foldable handles for easy storage


  • Can be used as a tea strainer or chai infuser
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be used in ceramic mugs, glass mugs, fine teacups, glass jugs, large pots, small pots, cast iron pots, ceramic pots, and glass teapots

What is a Tea Infuser?

Metal tea infusers are fabulous brewing tools and the perfect companion of avid tea drinkers. High-quality tea infusers are made from extra-fine stainless steel mesh and ensure no tea particles pass through to your beautiful brew when you add hot water. You can master the simple task of brewing your tea to the perfect strength.


Why Use a Tea Infuser?

We all have different personal preferences about the ideal amount of tea - some like a strong brew with extra flavour, some like it weak, some like a big mug, others like a glass teapot or a dainty teacup.

Using loose tea infusers means you can always have the optimum amount of tea to suit your personal taste. It also means you can enjoy the simplicity of serving single cups loose leaf teas to friends.

Using stainless steel mesh infusers is also an environmentally friendly alternative to most tea bags! You can empty your used tea leaves straight into the garden or compost. While Tielka's tea bags are 100% plastic-free and made from plant-based fibre, loose-leaf tea will always be the best option when it comes to saving the earth's precious resources. That's why we love a handy infuser as an option for brewing loose-leaf tea.

Why Does a Tea Infuser Need a Lid?

It's not just for keeping your tea hot while it brews! Did you know that some of the tea-goodness evaporates in the steam while it is brewing? Using a lid ensures all the health-giving essential oils that would otherwise evaporate stay in your delicious cup of tea.

It's also perfect for holding your high-quality tea infuser after your tea has finished brewing. No one wants tea leaking over their desk or table! Simply stand your tea infusing basket on the upside-down lid to avoid any pesky leaks.


It all depends on how you like your tea and the size of your teaware! A Tielka tea infuser basket holds a large amount of tea, so if you like strong tea, you're covered! The old rule of thumb to calculate the correct amount of tea is one teaspoon/cup.


What is the Difference Between a Tea Infuser and a Tea Strainer?

Good question! Effectively tea infusers and tea strainers do the same thing, however, it's how they function that makes them different. When brewing leaves in a teapot, once the tea is ready to serve, tea is poured through a tea strainer and the fine mesh stops leaves from dropping into your cup. On the other hand, a simple tea infuser sits in your cup or teapot like an infusing basket while it is brewing with the loose leaves inside and then removed from the cup or teapot once brewing is complete.


Once you have added your preferred amount of tea to the infusing basket, you can pour boiling water to start the brewing process. To ensure you have the exact temperature for brewing green tea well, make sure you use a temperature-controlled electric kettle for heating water as boiling water will burn green tea leaves giving a bitter aftertaste.


Perfect for Iced Tea

Do you want to enjoy black tea, green tea, herbal tea iced?

With Tielka's extra-fine stainless steel tea infuser/tea strainer, you can brew iced tea too! Unlike a small infuser, Tielka's lidded silicone tea infusers also have heaps of room for leaves to brew. Put your loose leaf tea leaves in a small amount of boiling hot water in a mug or teapot, cover with the lid, and brew for the recommended time. Remove the tea infuser, add cold water, ice, and enjoy the full flavor of your tea. Delicious!

You can even make a cold infusion tea, which is super simple. Add tea leaves to your tea infuser, put in a jug, add cold water and brew overnight. In the morning you will have a glass of beautiful cold infusion tea.


You can buy Tielka tea infusers online.




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