Try This Instant De-Stress

Try This Instant De-Stress
Feeling stressed?

If you don't have access to a cup of tea (perish the thought!) when you're in a tizz, here's a little tip we discovered that gives you an instant de-stress.

It's called a "psychological sigh", instructions are as follows:
  1. Inhale through your nose
  2. Pause for a moment
  3. Then take a short, sharp second inhale
  4. Breathe out very slowly through your mouth

It's very similar to sobbing - no wonder crying can be so therapeutic!

You may need to do this a couple of times to feel the effects. According to this study, if you do it five minutes per day, it has long-term positive effects, more so than mindfulness meditation or other breathing techniques!

How does it work?

During stress, your respiration rate spikes, leading to rapid and shallow breaths. This triggers the collapse of lung air sacs and a rise in CO2 levels, inducing feelings of agitation. Taking a deep breath is calming, but the crucial aspect lies in the second inhale. This step is vital as it reinstates collapsed air sacs, expanding lung surface area to efficiently eliminate CO2. This process signals your brain to decelerate the heart rate, culminating in a more relaxed state.

Of course, it also helps to have regular cups of tea, and if your cupboard is a little light on in the leaf section, we can help!