7-Day Self-Care Winner Stories to Inspire

7-Day Self-Care Winner Stories to Inspire

Hearing real stories of success from real people inspires us all to be our best selves. This is why we're sharing the 7-Day Self-Care winner stories with you!

A few weeks ago, we challenged you to take seven days of self-care.

A cup of tea and 30 minutes three times plus one fun activity every day for seven days.

Here's how it impacted our winners:

Winner 1:

Just thought I'd take the opportunity to thank you for encouraging us to "stop and smell the roses" while enjoying a cup of tea!

I have had two (unrelated) house-guests during this period and, to be honest, they have both been high maintenance.

Actually forcing myself to disconnect with everything for half hour breaks was invaluable to my sanity. I also really liked the idea of identifying "one fun thing" - albeit I used my digital calendar to record it and set a reminder :)

These included:

- catching up on my "daily" diary entries (I WAS several weeks behind),

- listening to new music (Nothing But Thieves' "Like a Version" rendition of Miley Cyrus' Flowers is on heavy rotation)

- reading a couple of lengthy blogs, that I'd promised to review for friends (but hadn't) and

- reading one of Tina Turner's bio's (My Love Story - it was and she deserved it)

It's officially winter in Melbourne and there were a couple of days last week where I simply sat in our "Viewing Room" and watched the hive of activity in our garden (as I'm doing right now). Thanks again.


Winner 2:

I took the 7 day self care challenge and I am glad to have completed it. The challenge was definitely much harder than it looked on paper.

I had to get used to slowing down and sipping my tea, to having no electronics or reading material and to having no thoughts. Who knew it was such a task getting used to being present?!

The addition of doing a fun thing as part of the challenge everyday was just perfect as it gave me purpose and motivation to actually do those things.

I find it so hard to put it into words the whole experience, especially of those tea breaks.

It was a learning experience for me and something I hadn't realised I needed to do for my sanity, wellbeing and growth.

This challenge was something I would have never done but now am going to continue to incorporate into my daily routine.

Thank you for hosting this challenge and giveaway and I hope you will have more of these in the future!!


Winner 3:

When I saw this challenge idea I thought I would give it a go -

a - Because for the first time in ages by diary was showing a quiet week ahead with only one appointment. The first six months of 2023 seem to fly by with what I call all the old people checkups and appointments. I am very grateful for my wonderful health professionals but was really looking forward to some quiet time to just relax and and fit in some self care.

b - My lovely daughter who is a nurse and mum to three of my beautiful grandchildren took me to lunch when I was visiting them in Rockhampton and I had the most divine tea at the cafe. Of course it was TIELKA BREAKFAST!!! So my daughter surprised me with a tin of TIELKA BREAKFAST for my birthday. Delighted to discover that my favourite bakery Flour and Chocolate at Morningside in Brisbane also stock TIELKA TEA!

c - Have been keen to try different teas especially ones that are recommended to drink without milk. I felt in a rut as black tea with a drop of lactose free milk is my favourite so started by reading lots of info about the different ingredients, brewing times etc on the TIELKA site. Found it fascinating so this activity became one of my fun activities for the week. Must admit reading your blogs was inspirational and all the dedication and hard work finally paying off so your beautiful business can succeed but the real highlight was reading about your beautiful family and the love you express for your children.

So, I enjoyed the week very much and some and some more fun activities I scheduled into each day -

1. Sitting in the sun in my garden

2. Visit to my local library

3. After school date with our two granchildren who live in Brisbane. A regular thing aptly called Doughnut Day! (because doughnuts) or could also be called cupcake day, Chocolate bears day or whatever but not all on the same day.😇

4. Catching up on reading.

5. Drive to Scarborough and walk on the beach with lunch at the seafood markets and buying some fresh fish and prawns for the weekend.

6. A shopping invitation from my ten year old granddaughter to help choose clothes with her birthday money. ( A rare treat as her Saturdays are normally dance classes .) Fun fact I learnt that morning when in the fitting room at Target with her and her mother. - When checking yourself out in your new ripped jeans it’s best to do a bit of Hip Hop to see if you look good! ( No need to ask does my b*m look big in these Jeans.)

7. Time in my craft room enjoying my current project.


Winner 4:

Thank you so much for the 7 day self care challenge.

I really enjoyed taking the time each day to drink tea and relax by myself.

It made me feel less stressed, calmer and happier.

It was a great experience and I will continue to do this often.