Liver Detox Tea - Three Marketing Myths Keeping You From a Healthier, Cleaner Life

Liver Detox Tea

Friday arrives. Finally. It ends with chocolate, trashy TV, an extra glass of wine, or two, or was it three?

In the blur and fog in the aftermath, the words "cleanse", "detox", both feel like a beacon of hope and a heavy weight.

You see it all over Instagram. Gorgeous bodies with their cleansing juices, detox recipes, sunshine and a liver cleansing diet plan with brightly coloured powdered supplements with a list of cool tips, delivered to you for the low price of $299.99, if you buy it today. See link in bio. #livercleanse #feelingblessed #newlife #starttoday

Now is the time to take action.

It's no surprise these programs are so successful. 

The good and bad news is your liver is not always the beneficiary of this success.

Your liver is a masterfully and meticulously designed filtration system for your body.

It is responsible for an astonishing 500 functions in the body. It converts toxins to waste products, cleanses the blood, metabolises nutrients and medicines so the body is provided with the necessary proteins it needs to function and much more.

Do we believe a lie?

Many people believe a liver cleanse will help their liver remove the toxins after they drink too much alcohol, or eat unhealthy foods. Others believe it will support better liver function on a day-to-day basis. Some think it will help them lose weight. Others believe it will get them an additional 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Truth be told, a liver cleanse could be doing more damage than good - to your liver, your back pocket, and your Instagram followers.

"Liver cleanses have not been proven to treat existing liver damage", says hepatologist Tinsay Woreta, M.D., "Unfortunately, these products are not regulated by the FDA, and thus are not uniform and have not been adequately tested in clinical trials,” she explains.

In our minds, liver cleansers have all the shine and hope of new life, but reality is much less glamourous.

Here are three myths keeping you from a healthier, cleaner, lifestyle and what you can do about it.


Myth #1: Liver Detox Cleansers Are A Safe Way to Help You Lose Weight

There are very few studies that link liver cleansers to effective weight loss, and the ones that do exist are low quality. In fact, some studies have shown that a liver cleanse may decrease your metabolic rate, resulting in weight gain.

Where liver cleansing programs include a low calorie diet, weight loss can occur, but that has nothing to do with the cleanse, rather the calorie intake. #commonsenserules

In fact, some liver cleansing supplements can cause liver damage and should be used with caution.

There are no easy fixes when it comes to losing weight - a healthy diet, mind, and exercise are key.

Naturally, that includes drinking healthy, organic tea.


Myth #2: Liver Detox Cleansers Can Correct Liver Damage

There is no evidence to suggest a liver detox can correct liver damage.

However, here are two very effective methods of reducing the risk of liver damage and ensure healthy liver function. They are not necessarily fun, glamourous, or Instagrammable. But you will feel better for it:

Reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol is one of the most harmful substances for your liver. The liver has an incredible ability to self-heal and regenerate once alcohol related injury ceases.

Ensure a healthy BMI.

Obesity significantly increases your risk of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease which may lead to the development of fibrosis and cirrhosis. In fact, with the rise of obesity, the prevalence of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease will soon overtake Hepatitis C for the leading indication of liver transplant.

Want to reduce alcohol intake and lose weight without being sad?

If you wish to reduce your alcohol intake, lose weight, and not be sad doing so, we recommend you drink beautiful organic tea instead.


Myth #3: Liver Detox Cleansers are Necessary for a Healthier Body

We are constantly surrounded by messages claiming that liver cleansers are essential to good liver health and as a cure-all for overindulgence.

The disturbing reality is that cleansing programs and dietary supplements are not regulated by FDA, and most do not go through clinical trials. Dietary supplements are not subject to the same rules as food and medicine.

And even though some dietary supplements, such as milk thistle seed, turmeric, and dandelion roots have been associated with liver cleansing attributes, and may reduce symptoms, the reality is there isn't enough solid evidence to support claims that consumption of these dietary supplements will result in a healthier liver and healthier body. There is a better natural remedy.


Liver Detox Tea

Alcohol consumption and obesity are two major causes of liver damage.

Your most powerful weapon against liver damage and ensuring a squeaky clean liver, is by replacing what's harmfully enticing with something good and enticing. And it's just a few sips away. A detox tea is what you need, and the good news is almost any tea can be a detox tea.

Craving a special drink in the evening? Drink a fancy detox tea.

Tempted by chocolate? Drink an indulging detox tea.

Feeling overwhelmed by the day? Bypass the wineglass. Drink a relaxing detox tea.

Need a reward for eating healthy all day? Drink a beautiful detox tea.

The fresh hot water in your brew (aka detox tea) will help your liver flush all the harmful toxins and start the detoxification process, while the nutrients in tea (and lack of other nasties, such as sugar and fat) will support your general body health. 

Beautiful organic tea is the perfect detox tea will ensure the experience is tempting enough to draw you away from liver damaging activities.

Indulge in life.