My Top 10 Self-Care Activities

My Top 10 Self-Care Activities

Until recently, self-care to me meant pampering and nanna naps (both great, but a tad boring).

A new perspective showed me it's so much more. True self-care feeds your soul in the moment. It makes you laugh, feel inspired, peaceful, satisfied, and exhilarated.

I'd love to inspire you to think about your self-care with a new perspective, so I wrote this list to share with you:

My Top 10 Self-Care Activities

  1. Drinking a cup of Lady Betty tea (naturally!) on my back deck with calming music and no one bothering me for at least an hour
  2. Riding my bike down a MASSIVE hill
  3. Going to a fancy restaurant wearing a gorgeous dress and eating food that's so delicious I want to cry
  4. Sitting around a fire pit with lots of friends and eating food that someone else made (and not having to clean up afterwards)
  5. Floating on my back in the warm ocean
  6. Reading a good book in bed
  7. Going out for coffee with a bunch of crazy girls and laughing so much my belly hurts
  8. Doing water sports with friends (tubing, SUPing, knee-boarding) and laughing so much by belly hurts
  9. Watching a good movie with (or without) my family on the couch and gorging on cookies and cream ice cream
  10. Eating extra-crispy hot chips on a Friday evening

What are your top 10 self-care activities?

Rebecca Domorev

Co-founder, Tielka