The Photoshoot

It was pouring rain when I woke up on that Thursday morning. It hadn't rained all summer, then the week leading up to the photoshoot, it was forecast to rain every single day. Should we reschedule to the following week? Or have faith that things will work out in spite of the ominous cloud readings? I took a breath and made the decision and sent a message to Vicky and Jen that we would go ahead.

Vicky from House of Hair Makeup by Jen

As it turned out, the decision was good. The following week it rained almost non-stop and the week after that cylone Debbie hit. And as for that Thursday afternoon, the rain continued almost all afternoon as Vicky from House of Hair prepared our hair, Jen from Jennifer Campbell Makeup Artistry did makeup, we got dressed but it stopped almost the moment we ventured into the outdoors for the shoot. Uncannily, the rain picked up again the moment we returned indoors when the sun had well set and the light was no longer amicable for photos.

In business, you have to develop a certain level of faith. I'm not sure I would have survived without it. There are things in business beyond anyone's control and this is the rock that has kept me steady.

Tielka Photoshoot at 1770 Getaway 

The day was fun. We were girls in nostalgic heaven surrounded by pretty dresses, lush gardens, teacups, tasty treats and laughter. We were surrounded by a feast of local Agnes Water delights. The setting, our favourite cafe 1770 Getaway, was perfect for the pretty high tea so stunningly prepared and the table was dressed beautifully with flowers from Discovery Coast Blooms by Loulita. We were adorned with bespoke jewellery from Red Cloud Jewels by Wayne Doyle.

Tielka Photoshoot at 1770 Getaway 

A good friend provided a mouth-wateringly gorgeous vintage car and locals volunteered costume pieces, bags, shoes and a bow tie for our resident model-waiter. Even four students from local Discovery Christian College put their talents to work as second photographer, makeup assistant and set assistants. And all this created, directed and captured by local Greenlamp Marketing Solutions.

Tielka at 1770 Getaway 

The end of the photoshoot left me with a sense of greatness and lingering wonderment at what beauty and joy a group of passionate people can create together. To say I was proud of my town and our business was an understatement. As the photos slowly sift through our website, social media pages and into cafes and stores, I am delighted to share the heart of Tielka. May it bring joy as people experience Tielka tea.

Indulge in Life. 

Rebecca Domorev 

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Tielka Photoshoot Behind the Scenes Tielka Photoshoot Behind the ScenesTielka Photoshoot Tielka Photoshoot at 1770 GetawayTielka Photoshoot at 1770 Getaway Tielka Photoshoot at 1770 Getaway