Green Tea x High Fat Diet

Green Tea x High Fat Diet

The latest research indicates that green tea may neutralise the negative effects of a high-fat diet.

Sounds too good to be true?

They've also added the regulation of gut microbes to the list.

Sign me up, baby!

Here's how it works:

For absolute transparency, it should be stated that the research involved mice, not humans.

If we've lost you, fair enough. Get yourself some beautiful organic tea and sit back and enjoy a good book instead.

If you're still reading, the results of the research was indeed, quite fascinating.

Here is the full scientific article. Here's a slightly-easier-to-read-but-still-sciency-article.

Here's the really simple version you can digest over a nice cup of tea:

Basically, the scientists gave a whole bunch of mice high fat diets. Some of those mice were lucky enough to have a little green tea. Some were luckier and had more green tea. The luckiest had a lot of green tea.

They also had a bunch of mice on low fat diets and no green tea (no fun there!).

They found that the mice on high-fat diets and a lot of green tea were almost the same, or better off, when it came to the ill-effects of a high-fat diet, as the mice on low-fat diets.

Mice on high-fat diets and green tea also had increased good intestinal microflora.

Our conclusion?

Why should mice have all the fun?

It's time to enjoy a beautiful cup of green tea.

Please consult with your dietician before engaging in a high fat diet.