Liver Detox Tea

Liver Detox Tea

Oh please. Not another kale smoothie! 

Your most powerful weapon against liver damage and ensuring a squeaky clean liver is replacing what's harmfully enticing with something good and enticing.

And it's just a few sips away.

A detox tea is what you need, and the good news is it doesn't have to be boring! 

Green tea tends to come out on top for liver cleansing when it comes to scientific studies.

A cup of Rose Moscato Green Tea is sounding pretty enticing right now!

This Japanese study concluded that green tea may act protectively against cardiovascular disease and disorders of the liver. Another study concluded that 12 weeks of 700 ml per day of green tea improved liver fat content and inflammation by reducing oxidative stress in patients with NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease).

Craving a special drink in the afternoon? Drink a fancy detox tea. Rose Moscato Green Tea is your new go-to!

Full of liver-cleansing green tea, adaptogenic schisandra berries, cleansing-plus hibiscus, and a touch of rose, it's fun, pretty, and delicious!

Not only that, the fresh hot water in your brew will further help your liver flush all the harmful toxins and start the detoxification process and all other nutrients in tea (and lack of other nasties, such as sugar and fat) will also support your general body health.

Rose Moscato Green Tea is the perfect detox tea that will ensure the experience is tempting enough to draw you away from liver-damaging activities.