Self-Care: A Midweek Sabbatical

Self-Care: A Midweek Sabbatical

Are you inspired by stories of success? Do you love hearing how people achieve greatness and still thrive? 

How do they do so much, and not fall apart?

I have recently been inspired by the story of an incredibly successful, purpose-driven Australian businessman. He's on a quest to transform the business world from a place of self-centredness and greed to sharing and caring.

Over 20 years Dave Hodgson has built an astonishingly large business, and he still keeps family at the centre of his heart.

Interestingly, each week Dave takes an entire day to go out bush, a "pray-day", as he calls it. Away from phone signals, internet, people, surrounded by nature.

Inspired by this, I started my own day for time-out. Initially, it was at home, but interruptions still pursued. 

Ready for more, and frustrated for change, I pushed myself into a day in the heart of nature. A Wednesday. Mentally, taking this step felt like a massive hurdle. A new place, new steps.

I found a small nook at the end of a secluded local beach and set up with everything I needed for the day. 

What happened during this time is for me to keep hidden in my heart and my notebook.

What ensues, week after week, is something for everyone to glean incredible benefit.

Each week I come away rested, invigorated, inspired. I have the impetus to do the things I had often thought about but kept putting off. "Too hard" has less hold on my heart to move forward.

It's now central to my weekly schedule. 

I don't have time not to do this.

I would wish this for everyone and want to encourage you to do this too.

If you are feeling exhausted, without purpose, on the daily grind, but still have even just a grain of hope for something better, this is for you.

I would encourage you to step into your own expression of such a sacred day.