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A Different Kind of Love

by Rebecca Domorev February 09, 2022 1 min read

A Different Kind of Love

Another holiday, another onslaught of marketing junk that clutters your inbox. 

Heart emojis, kisses, thumbs up. It's the 14th of February, people! 

"Look at me! Love me!"

Your inbox, the perfect analogy for the state of humankind.

Every person, quietly desperate to be noticed, significant. 

"I'm here!"

Maybe you wonder, "Why is this? Is there something wrong with us?".


We are not faulty.

We are hardwired for love. 


Over the years, I have occasionally come across people I am particularly drawn to. They are different. When they walk into a room, they don't consume the atmosphere and announce "I'm here, look at me!". Their smiling eyes quietly speak without words as they look at you, "you're here!". 

So many of us are trying to get love.

I believe love is supercharged by the act of loving first.

It's the act of sacrifice, of looking past the ugly, pushing through barriers, seeing someone for who they can be, loving them, simply because that person is human.

And for us humans, it's in the small gestures that this is communicated.

A squeezy hug.

A little smile.

A kind word.

A cup of tea.

And when you love first, without even realising it, you are the very thing you desire to be - loveable.



May your 2022 Valentine's Day be filled with a love that sustains beyond human understanding.

Indulge in life.

Rebecca Domorev

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