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Herbal Infusion

Lemon Ginger

Refreshing, citrusy Australian lemon myrtle expertly blended with Egyptian lemongrass and zingy ginger.

This trio of ingredients is beautifully soothing for the stomach and the perfect afternoon destress. It's even a beautiful antidote for poor sleep.

Delicious with or without a spoonful of honey.


Tielka wins silver award for Lemon Ginger 2019 Silver | Herbal Tea: Tea Bag Blend

Ingredients and Origins

Lemon Ginger is certified organic.

It is lovingly blended and packaged by hand in the Tielka warehouse in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.



Lemon Myrtle
OriginQueensland, Australia

*Lemongrass is sourced from fair trade producers.


Tielka's pyramid tea bags and pouches are made from 100% GMO-free, plastic-free plant-based fibre. The tea bag fabric and string are both unbleached.


Australian Certified Organic

Australian Certified Organic. ACO Cert. No. 13123

USDA organic certified

USDA Certified Organic. Effective Date: 2021-12-16

EU organic certified

EU Certified Organic. AU-BIO-107

Healthy Living

♡ Digestive Support

♡ Sleep Support

♡ Tummy Ease


Serving size 1 tspn | 2gm | 0.7oz
Teacup 200ml | 7oz water
Thermometer 100°C | 212°F
Timer 3 minutes
Honey According to taste
Milk Not recommended

Notes from the Founder

Read my most recent experience with Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea and sleep.

How do you make a boring tea fabulous?

This was my dilemma. I hate boring tea. It's boring. And definitely not fabulous, or fancy.

Unfortunately, we had so many requests for a lemongrass and ginger blend (boring!), I really had to get my butt into action and create something fabulously worthy of the Tielka name.

Thankfully the answer was remarkably simple: the addition of lemon myrtle. Lemon myrtle is just sublime. It reminds me of lemon sorbet gelato, but without that nasty sugary hit. I can smell it right now (it's in a tub conveniently stored about a metre away from my desk) and the effect on me is very similar to seeing pictures of baby elephants. Seriously, who doesn't feel joy when they see a baby elephant pic?

Last week we had a massive box of organic lemon myrtle delivered to the Tielka warehouse and the courier commented how delightful his van had smelt all the way from his depot. I happily accepted this little load of joy and I'm sure he was disappointed to part ways with that divine lemon myrtle.

So I decided to add a dose of lemon myrtle to the traditional lemongrass and ginger duo. That's much better. It's now a proud part of the Tielka Tea Collection.

Happy brewing!

Rebecca Domorev