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White Tea


Single-origin, handcrafted Yueguang white tea.

A captivatingly soft, floral, and nutty white tea, hand-harvested in the early spring harvest, showcasing a mix of rare, soft downy buds and whole leaves.

Rich in theanine, a naturally occurring mood-enhancing amino acid.


Moonlight white tea wins silver 2021 Silver | White Tea Single Origin


Serving size 1 tspn | 2gm | 0.7oz
Teacup 200ml | 7oz water
Thermometer 70°C | 158°F
Timer 3-5 minutes
Not recommended
Milk Not recommended


Australian Certified Organic

Australian Certified Organic. ACO Cert. No. 13123

USDA organic certified

USDA Certified Organic. Effective Date: 2021-12-16

EU organic certified

EU Certified Organic. AU-BIO-107

Healthy Living

♡ Brain Function Boost

♡ Mood Lift

♡ Skin Support


Moonlight is lovingly packaged by hand in Agnes Water, Queensland, Australia.



Yueguang White Tea*
OriginYunnan Province, China

*Yueguang white tea is sourced from Fairtrade producers.


Tielka's pyramid tea bags and pouches are made from 100% GMO-free, plastic-free plant-based fibre.

Notes from the Founder

Before we launched Tielka, we ran several blind taste-testing sessions to see how people responded to all the tea varieties.

Out of around 70 teas, Moonlight White Tea was one of the highest-scoring teas in all areas: visual (dry and brewed), aroma (dry and brewed), and flavour.

Interestingly, the regular black tea (typically served with milk) scored at the lower end yet when it came to selling in the shops, the black tea outsold Moonlight White Tea every time.

Of course, the tables always turn as soon as we offer taste testing - I love watching someone take a sip of this tea for the first time, their eyes light up, followed by an almost silent "wow" moment as they turn to me as if to ask, "is that really tea?".

I brew this tea when I want a moment to feel like I have a snippet of beauty and serenity in my often crazy world. My desk is a mess, clothes are waiting to be ironed and the bed still hasn't been made, but in the middle of it all I can find my pouch of Moonlight White Tea, and every time it whisks me away to my secret place.

There's something about those perfect lines of the tea buds, the smooth sweet aroma, and that silky mouth-feel...

It's my perfect calm.

Happy brewing!

Rebecca Domorev

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