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Find Your Space

Find Your Space

Find Your Haven with Tielka Tea

There is a space you call your haven. 

This space says you can rest and you are safe. You can escape there when your mind is a blur and you can't think your way out. A cup of tea in hand, there is peace and clarity moving forward. There are still bumps and imperfections, but the cogs of life seem to turn better when you keep coming back to your space, your haven.

For those of you who have this space, you know what I am referring to. You know how important it is.

I have three in my home. One, the corner of our couch under the heater for those frosty mornings. Another, an outside hanging egg chair with a soft cushion. The final, my favourite, a tall wooden table with bar benches on our sunny back deck under an oversized blue umbrella.

If you don't know your space, if you don't have one yet, I encourage you, create one today. Look for spaces to retreat to, try them out one by one, a cup of tea in hand. Find the space you are drawn back to and call it your haven.

Indulge in Life.

Rebecca Domorev

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