Tielka 7-Day Self-Care Challenge

Tielka 7-Day Self-Care Challenge

You know you show up differently when you take care of yourself.

When you're rested, and filled, you have the energy and space to be your best self.

That's why this coming week, we're inviting you to take part in a Tielka 7-Day Self-Care Challenge.

(And it shouldn't be too difficult for most of you, as it involves lots of tea drinking.)

Let us know how you went for your chance to win one of four Tielka Tea for One Tea Sets!

The challenge will start on Monday 5th June and finish on Sunday 11th June. Send your feedback to info@tielka.com by Friday 16th June for your chance to win! The winners will be notified by email.


Tielka 7-Day Self-Care Challenge

It's easy because it's simple. Here it is:

  • Schedule in three cups of tea each day where you can sit for three half-hour blocks with no one to bother you. Find a space you love for the tea. Sit in the quiet, or with a little gentle music, and do nothing. (Leave phone in nearby room.)
  • Think of one fun thing you will do the following day, write it down, and display it on the fridge so you don't forget.
  • Do that fun thing!

It's that simple!

Let us know how you went by emailing us at info@tielka.com! 


Can't decide what teas to drink?

Here's a suggested list for you:

Tea #1 - Lady Betty - a beautiful French Earl Grey to start your day

Tea #2 - Jade Mist - a fresh green tea to clear your mind

Tea #3 - Lavender Moon - a functional herbal blend to help you sleep