Tielka Selected for Food Accelerator Program



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Tielka Selected for Food Accelerator Program

by Rebecca Domorev March 09, 2019 1 min read

Tielka at GrowCoastal 2019

We are excited to announce that Tielka has been selected to take part in GrowCoastal 2019!

GrowCoastal is a food accelerator program run by the Innovation Centre at SCU Sippy Downs for food businesses that show high potential for growth, product innovation and entrepreneurial tenacity.

Tielka at GrowCoastal 2019

Tielka was one of just 13 businesses selected to take part in the Advance Queensland funded program.

"We're thrilled to have been chosen,"says co-founder Rebecca Domorev. "This is a fantastic opportunity for us to rub shoulders with some of the finest in the industry, to further our growth and become a known leader in specialty tea for food lovers in Australia."

Tielka at GrowCoastal 2019

GrowCoastal will run for the next 12 weeks, which means weekly travel for founders Alexei and Rebecca to the Sunshine Coast from remote Agnes Water.

"It's a big commitment, but we believe the opportunities this program will afford is well worth the investment,"says Rebecca. "From here, we hope to make our award-winning specialty tea pyramids accessible for food lovers to enjoy in their own homes. It's all about creating a space to experience joy, rest and connection and I truly believe a beautiful cup of tea has the power to facilitate these moments."

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