Tielka Wins Big Again at 2021 Golden Leaf Awards



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Tielka Wins Big Again at 2021 Golden Leaf Awards

by Rebecca Domorev January 28, 2022 1 min read

Tielka Wins at Golden Leaf Awards 2021

Tielka has won big again at the annual Golden Leaf Awards taking out 12 awards.

Most notable are the two GOLD awards we received for both black tea categories (loose leaf and tea bags), for our signature tea, Tielka Breakfast, two highly competitive categories.

Below is a list of all the winners.

C003 - Chai Tea Teabag

South Cloud Chai


C002 - Chai Tea Non-Traditional

Cacao & Chilli Chai


B004 - Tea Bag Blend (Non-Flavoured)

Tielka Breakfast


B001 - Black Tea Blend (Not Earl Grey)

Tielka Breakfast


GR005 - Green Tea Natural Blend

Rose Moscato


B005 - Black Tea Tea Bag Flavoured

Earl Royale


GR008 - Green Tea Teabags (Non-Flavoured)

Jade Mist


GR007 - Green Tea - Flavoured Teabag

Rose Moscato


HB001 - Herbal Loose

Limonada Rosa


HB002 - Herbal Loose Teabag

Lil' Licorice


HB005 - Herbal Wellness

Lavender Moon


W001 - White Tea Single Origin



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