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You've Got This

by Rebecca Domorev March 18, 2020 2 min read

A Message from the Co-Founder of Tielka

By now, you're probably stocked up on toilet paper, some extra pasta and oil in the cupboard, a few loaves of bread in the freezer. You've probably kept one of your kids at home (not to freak anyone out with her occasional cough), or are considering maybe that slight sniffle should ground you for a day or two, at least just to make sure. Your mind has boggled at the enormity of the fallout surrounding COVID-19 and you may have even wondered, for a brief moment, if it would be less damaging just to let the damn thing rage and let everyone get on with their lives.

The world is being turned upside down faster than we can absorb and right now it can feel like the only thing we have is uncertainty.

Two years ago, our world was turned upside down with the arrival of a beautiful baby boy who came with a myriad of unexpected medical complications and lifelong challenges. We were smacked square in the face with what felt like a future of uncertainty. In spite of this, there was a peace that anchored us. And even through the pain of uncertainty, my heart had been set up to find moments of joy from the days, weeks, months and years of starting my day drinking endless cups of tea under the shelter of a beautiful umbrella on our back deck.

This morning as I write this, I want to encourage you. You've got this. Maybe you're taking this in your stride, maybe it's absorbing your every thought. But what I'm certain is that you know there is hope to be found. That's why you're still reading.

And, that's why, in the tradition that is Tielka, I encourage you, particularly in this season of uncertainty, keep making yourself a beautiful cup of tea, find your shelter and know hope.

Rebecca Domorev


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