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Tea Review by Tea Happiness - Jade Mist Green Tea

by Rebecca Domorev August 13, 2020 1 min read

Tea Review by Tea Happiness - Jade Mist Green Tea

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Tried a new-to-me tea brewing method while sitting by the creek. Have you heard of ambient steeping? I leaned of it from @alexahearn1. It’s exactly as it sounds- allowing tea to steep at room temperature. It takes patience, for me this was about 45 minutes. I used Jade Mist tea from @tielkatea (I eyeballed the amount of leaf), and filled this little houhin with room temp water and focused on some work. 45 minutes later I was gifted with a smooth, vegetal steep of tea! This is a spring harvested Chinese tea from Hubei Province. I think the ambient steeping kept the astringency low and brought out savory and toasty vegetal notes. I felt like I was drinking freshly picked peas that had been very lightly sautéed in butter. So good! Similar to ice brewing, this method takes a bit of patience. But your patience will be rewarded! Have you tried ambient steeping before? I think I’ll try it with a black tea next. . . . . . #teatime #teaoftheday #tealover #teaaddict #instatea #tealovers #cupoftea #ilovetea #teapot #teameditation #teacommunity #teacup #çay #teastagram #ilovetea #чай #tealove #tealife #afternoontea #hudsonny #chinesetea #meditation #claverackny #greentea #teaholic #thé #gongfucha #teahappiness #teablogger

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