Tielka's Award-Winning Organic Fairtrade South Cloud Chai


Gold award-winning South Cloud Chai by TielkaTea time - me time.

At Tielka, we select the finest organic teas, direct from growers at harvest. Small batches are then blended and packaged on site in Queensland, Australia, ensuring optimal freshness.

Our teas appeal to those who are discerning, those with a sense of self and style. Those who appreciate that it is the moments in life when you give to yourself - the me-time we all need.

It is our hope that your life is filled with the ceremony of tea-time so you can find your pockets of joy and rest in an underlying peace.


Tielka is a multi-award winning 100% family owned Australian company. In 2009, Tielka was the first in Australia to release a certified Fairtrade organic loose leaf tea collection and in 2018, Tielka's pyramid teabags became the most highly awarded in Australia.


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