Tielka Organic Tea

 We can help you raise funds for your special cause!

How it works


Serve Tielka tea at your event 


Guests order Tielka tea online 


We give you a percentage of sales 



Your Questions Answered

  1. Do we have to purchase the tea for the event?

    Yes, but this can be reimbursed. We will sell you the amount of tea you require. For every dollar you earn from sales, we will reimburse you the same amount.

  2. How will guests order?

    Guests will be provided with a postcard with information about Tielka and a QR code and trackable link so they can purchase our beautiful organic tea.

    We recommend you remind guests through the event about ordering tea at the event.

  3. How do you track sales?

    The QR code has a unique trackable link that comes from an app designed to track sales. This will tell us how many sales that have been generated from your customers who scan the code. 

  4. How do we get paid?

    Once the fundraising activity finishes (we recommend 30 days), we will automatically send you your percentage of sales by the method of payment you request.

  5.  What percentage of sales do we receive?




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Number of Guests  Event Date