Our 30 Day Guarantee

We're convinced you're going to be SO happy with our products! And if you don't, we'll exchange it for free! (*See below for products not covered by our guarantee.)

Simply contact us within 30 days and let us know what's wrong.

If our hints don't help to help you find happiness, we'll happily give you a returns label so you can send your product back to us. On receipt, we'll email you a voucher to the value of the returned product plus shipping so you can choose a different product.

If you're outside Australia, we currently aren't able to generate a returns label, but we have a workaround for this. Please contact us to assist.

*30 Day Guarantee does not cover any teaware, Discovery Subscriptions, sampler boxes and pouches, or Lapsang Souchong Black Tea.

Thank you for playing fair!