Tielka is a multi-award winning 100% family owned Australian organic tea company. In 2009, Tielka was the first in Australia to release a certified Fairtrade organic loose leaf tea collection and in 2018, Tielka's organic pyramid teabags became the most highly awarded in Australia.

Tielka organic teas are hand-harvested and hand-crafted in some of the best tea growing regions in China. After harvest, they are sent directly to Tielka's warehouse in Agnes Water, Queensland where they are blended and packaged on site using original recipes created by co-founder, Rebecca Domorev.

Tielka organic teas are dispatched daily to cafes and retailers all across Australia.


Fairtrade organic Limonada Rosa Herbal Infusion

"Tielka Tea produce a beautiful, flavour-filled tea range that has become increasingly popular with our customers. Rebecca has educated us about the intricacies of serving organic leaf tea correctly, so that our customers benefit from full enjoyment of the experience. As a result, our tea sales have steadily grown under Rebecca’s guidance. We are very proud to offer award winning, high quality, organic tea and even prouder that we are supporting a local business by doing so."
Judy Plath, owner, Nourish Cafe

"When we started the cafe we wanted to find a tea that would hold its own against the coffee enthusiast. Tielka has done that and so much more. From the flavour right down to the packaging, we can all tell Rebecca and her team are genuine and passionate about delivering the best that tea can be."
Ailin Gay, owner, Baker et Chef

Fairtrade Organic Tielka Breakfast Black Tea"Black Mocha Café is proud to serve Tielka Tea. We love the fact that Tielka is a specialty Fairtrade organic tea company and is 100% Australian. We have been serving Tielka for over 5 years because no other brand comes close to offering the unique complexities and depth of flavour captured in each mouth-full of Tielka tea. 
Our customers love the selection of teas. The sampler jars and the table tea lists provide staff the opportunity to engage customer senses providing a talking point and inviting them to try the different teas on offer. 
Customers keep coming back for the delicious aromatic experience offered with cup of Tielka tea."
Claudette Koya, owner, Black Mocha Cafe

"Sbriga Espresso Bar takes it’s coffee very seriously, being an Roman inspired espresso bar – and we are just as fussy about our tea, which is why when we came across Tielka we knew we didn’t need to look any further because of their beautiful, delicious, high quality, responsibly sourced teas. We aren’t the only ones who are big fans of Tielka, our customers are too!"
Mario Simeone, Owner, Sbriga Espresso Bar

Silver award winner Fairtrade organic Midnight Blossom Oolong Tea"There are many brands of tea on the market today and trying to find one that stands apart from the rest of the cafes is always a challenge. However Tielka has a local history for us, it’s organic, made with a romance that only someone with true passion is prepared to give. You won’t be truly in love with tea until you indulge in Tielka."
Brett Wright, Owner, High Thyme Cafe

"It’s such a pleasure receiving our organic Tielka teas, we love that they ethically sourced and hand-crafted. Our customers at Wild Canary love their unique taste and delicious aromas and we love supporting local businesses."
Sasha Lloyd, Wild Canary Bistro

"We’ve sold out of the Tielka Breakfast because it's so damn good and tasty. Tea sales are up by 65% since the change over to Tielka. I’ve even had to invest in more teapots etc to keep up with the demand."
Christian Mohns, Fort Specialty Coffee

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Tielka Organic Tea for Cafes

Tielka's specialty Fairtrade organic tea collection delights cafe customers

When cafe owners approach Tielka, they tell us while they're not getting complaints about their tea, they're definitely not getting any compliments either and they need this to change. They need edge. Tielka solves this problem with a beautiful organic tea collection.

Tielka tins for display at cafes

We know that Tielka organic tea is adored at cafes by tea-loving foodies because it's beautifully brewed, it's fresh, organic with an inspiring, ethical edge and is an experience worth coming back for. And we know they don't mind paying a little extra because it tastes so much better.

Tielka Organic Tea for Specialty Foodstores

Tielka's award winning Fairtrade organic tea collection on display

Tielka's multi-award winning teabag collection has been designed and tested for organic foodstores and specialty supermarkets. These products are top-of-the-range, move well and create a point of interest in any selection of teas.

Tielka Organic Tea for Other Businesses

  • day spas
  • health and beauty services
  • gift hampers

What Tielka Offers

  • Multi-award winning certified Fairtrade and organic loose leaf tea and pyramid infusers (teabags)
  • Products packaged in pouches for cafes and boxes for retail sale
  • Instore promotional materials including customised Tea Lists for cafes with tea descriptions, origins, harvest and the Tielka story
  • Regular advertising in the media
  • Gorgeous storage tins for display in cafes
  • Video training for correct brewing in cafes

Behind the scenes with Tielka co-founder Rebecca Domorev and business partner Unleashed Inventory Software-



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