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A Personal Message from the Founders of Tielka

by Rebecca Domorev March 21, 2018 2 min read

Today is World Down Syndrome day. Today is also exactly five weeks since our son, Andrew Solomon Domorev, was born. Life took a detour that day when our beautiful little boy surprised us with one extra chromosome. Evidence of a related serious medical issue saw a sudden and dramatic transfer from regional Bundaberg Base hospital by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to the Mater Mother's hospital. Here Andrew would spend at best weeks, if not months, in NICU recovering from life-saving surgery to take place at the Lady Cilento Children's hopsital just two days after he was born.

As the word got out to friends and family, support came in from far and wide. Hundreds of people started praying, we received gifts and donations, messages, offers of help, and were suddenly overwhelmed by the arms of love around us and the immense love for our newborn baby.

Andrew Solomon, in spite of his numerous medical issues, recovered surprisingly quickly from his surgery, and after just a few weeks, was transferred back to Bundaberg Base hospital and back home to Agnes Water several days later.

So today, with incredible joy, we celebrate. Today, with pride, we celebrate our beautiful son, with his one extra chomosome, and today we celebrate World Down Syndrome day. We celebrate the incredible advancements made in medicine that will see our son live a full and long life. We also celebrate the ongoing changes in attitudes in society that mean our son is cherished and valued in our community as he is in our home, not hidden away, but loved.

Alexei and Rebecca Domorev Founders of Tielka

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Organic Australian Grown Tea
Announcement: Australian-Grown and Ethical Sourcing

by Rebecca Domorev September 22, 2022 2 min read

New things are happening at Tielka!

Firstly, we are excited to announce the release of Australian-grown infusions to the Tielka range!
Don't Leave Home Without This
Don't Leave Home Without This

by Rebecca Domorev September 08, 2022 3 min read

It's the early hours of a Tuesday.

Visions of my son falling over the side of a sailing boat with no one in earshot have disturbed my sleep. I can see him falling, again and again, the dark sea capturing him. No amount of repeating the sequence in my mind can change the outcome. I have to get up.

Tea and infusions
Tea and Infusions: What is the Difference?

by Rebecca Domorev August 30, 2022 2 min read

Do you inwardly cringe when someone refers to peppermint as tea? Have you ever wondered why some brew tea, while others infuse, or even steep tea? There is great debate about the correct terminology when it comes to tea, herbs, botanicals, and proper preparation thereof. And as with most tea lovers, the great debate exists almost entirely within a few vexing thoughts. So, to put some of those vexing thoughts at ease, we thought we'd clarify a few things for you.