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Best Green Tea Australia

Best Green Tea Australia by Tielka Organic Tea

You're a bit over bitter, tasteless, stale green tea. 

That nasty cup of old seaweed liquid. 

But what if drinking green tea was a pleasant experience?

What if each sip transported you to a sunny realm of silky smooth gentle green meadows and angels dancing on your palate?

We've picked three green teas that will do exactly that.

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1. Jade Mist Green Tea

Best green tea Australia - Jade MistTASTING NOTES Buttery, vegetal and delicately sweet with a luxurious mouth-feel
Hubei Province, China
CERTIFICATION Fairtrade, Organic (ACO, EU)

This tea is everything you hope for in a green tea but can never seem to find.

Sweet, but refreshing. Grassy, but not pungent. Not. Bitter. At. All.

The flavour keeps giving through the first sip and lingers well after you finish your cup.

It's no wonder this green tea won gold two years in a row at The Golden Leaf Awards.

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2. Rose Moscato Green Tea

Best green tea Australia - Rose Moscato

Best green tea - Rose MoscatoINGREDIENTS Green tea, schisandra berries, hibiscus, rose
ORIGIN Original Tielka blend
CERTIFICATION Fairtrade, Organic (ACO, EU)

"I can't believe it's green tea!", is the usual phrase that people say after a glance and a sip of Rose Moscato.

It's pink, for one, definitely not green.

And it's completely sophisticated, you'd be forgiven for thinking you've just been served a glass of rose, only hot, and in a tea cup.

Actually, that doesn't sound amazing. But it is, you'll see.

Another multi-award-winner, this is designed for the girl who thinks she has it all (she's about to be proven wrong, because you know you're probably going to keep it to yourself, you shady little so-and-so).

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3. Persian Mint Chai Green Tea

 Best green tea Australia - Persian Mint Chai

Best green tea Australia - Persian Mint ChaiINGREDIENTS Green tea, peppermint, ginger, cardamom, cloves, licorice root
ORIGIN Original Tielka blend
CERTIFICATION Fairtrade, Organic (ACO, EU)

If you're still reading this, I congratulate you! It's the end of the blog and how often do you read a full blog post? What an achievement!

Persian Mint Chai is another green tea that is often accompanied with that phrase "I can't believe it's green tea!". It's green tea for when you're sick of green tea, but need green tea, and you're craving comfort so you want chai, but you can't stomach milk and sugar.

Buy this one while you can. It goes out of stock on a regular basis.

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