Is Ginger Tea Actually Good for a Sore Throat?

Is Ginger Tea Good for a Sore Throat?

Are you still on high alert every time your throat starts to feel a tinge of soreness?

Do you prefer a natural remedy over pharmacy-bought products?

You'll be happy to know ginger already hiding in your cupboard or fridge may help prevent and treat that sore throat.

"A sore throat occurs when the throat is red and swollen. It is a common symptom of a viral or bacterial infection, such as pharyngitis, tonsillitis, and laryngitis. Swallowing can be especially difficult and painful, and the back of the throat can feel itchy, dry, or scratchy. Acid, chemical irritation, and reflux can also cause a sore throat."

There is evidence to suggest that ginger can help to both prevent and treat a sore throat.

It is important to note, that a sore throat may require medical attention. Please see your doctor if you are concerned.

Is Ginger Tea Good for a Sore Throat


What is Ginger?

Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice and natural medicine.

It has a spicy flavour, a fibrous texture, and grows well in warm weather, humidity, and rich, moist soil.


Is Ginger Tea Good for a Sore Throat? 

How Does Ginger Tea Help With a Sore Throat?


♡ Ginger Has Anti-inflammatory Properties

A sore throat is caused by inflammation in your throat. 

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that function the same way as COX-2 inhibitors (a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to treat pain and inflammation), which can reduce the pain caused by a sore throat.


♡ Ginger Boosts the Immune System

Ginger is packed with gingerols, paradols, sesquiterpenes, shogaols, and zingerone. All of these are full of both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Anti-oxidants are compounds in food that scavenge and neutralise free radicals, strengthening the immune system.


♡ Ginger Protects Against Bacteria, Pathogens, and Toxins

Bacteria, pathogens, and toxins are known as microbes, and some of these microbes can cause a sore throat, including strep throat (caused by Streptococcus pyogenes bacteria).

Ginger may inhibit the bacteria that causes strep throat.

One particular study has compared the effectiveness of antibiotics vs ginger extract on bacteria that cause strep throat. Ginger extracted from the root and leaves of the ginger plant was found to be just as effective as antibiotics at inhibiting the bacteria.


Is Ginger Tea Good for a Sore Throat?


A Delicious Winning Combo: Lemon Ginger Tea and Honey

Honey is a well-known effective remedy for a sore throat. How honey works for treating symptoms of a sore throat is not clear. Research suggests it may be due to the wound healing and anti-microbial properties of honey which may reduce pain and inflammation.

Incidentally, honey also acts as an effective cough suppressant, making it great for managing a common cold.

Lemongrass and lemon myrtle are great botanicals to help with a sore throat as they are high in anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities.


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Is Ginger Tea Good for a Sore Throat?